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old hand - 熟練者、名人、通

old hand 熟練者、名人、通 veteran, expert Examples He is an old Japan hand. (日本通) He is an old China hand. (中国通) He is an old hand at the game.

touch and go - uncertain

touch and go [危険な / どうなるか分からない / 不安定な]状態 uncertain Examples The doctor says that it's touch-and-go whether the patient will be okay after the surgery. Brexit deal still looks touch and go.

luster - 輝き、栄光

luster 輝き、栄光 the brightness of a smooth or shiny surface; the quality of being attractive or special Examples How Apple’s iPhone lost its luster? Huawei’s rumoured military credentials gain no luster from its retreat.

eye-opening - (目を覚ますような)驚くべき

eye-opening 目を見張るような、(目を覚ますような)驚くべき surprising, and teaching you new facts about life, people, etc. Examples The film "XXX" is an eye-opening look into the lives of factory workers. The report is very accurate and ve…

on a par with - ~と同等/同様、~と肩を並べている

(be) on a par with ~と同等/同様である、~と肩を並べている[優劣をつけられない] = on a level with Examples It would be wrong to view his exit on a par with the others. It is far more serious. Wells Fargo’s valuation, while no longer at a …

wheel and deal - 策を弄する、駆け引きをする

wheel and deal 策を弄(ろう)する、駆け引きをする to try to make a profit or get an advantage using clever or complicated methods and often deceiving people or breaking the usual rules Examples He spends his time wheeling and dealing on th…

Ignorance is bliss - 無知は至福 / 知らぬが仏

Ignorance is bliss 無知は至福 / 知らぬが仏 Saying) said to emphasize that sometimes it is better for you if you do not know all the facts about a situation Examples Ignorance is bliss. Link Ignorance is bliss(知らぬが仏)

disciplinary action - 懲戒処分

disciplinary action 懲戒処分 a method for dealing with a worker who causes problems or does not obey company rules, for example, by removing them from their job Examples Notice of disciplinary action - 懲戒処分についての公示 Departments wi…

work to the bone - 身を粉にして働く

work oneself to the bone = work one's fingers to the bone 身を粉にして働く、一生懸命働く to work extremely hard, especially for a long time Examples She worked her fingers to the bone to feed her children. We don’t expect staff to work the…

down to earth - 現実的に、地道に、堅実に

down to earth 現実的に、堅実に If you are down to earth, you are very realistic and practical. down-to-earthで形容詞としてもつかわれる。現実的な、地道な <=> with one's head in the clouds : 夢想的に、非現実的に Examples He is blunt, outspok…

grit : 根性、ガッツ

grit (n.) 根性、気概、ガッツ courage; nerve Examples It takes a lot of grit to do something like that. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance - Book by Angela Duckworth grit (v.) 歯を食いしばる = grit one's teeth Examples I would grit…

upper hand : 優位、優勢

upper hand 〔競争・交渉などにおける〕優位、優勢 A position of advantage, power, and/or control Usage get the upper hand have the upper hand give someone the upper hand Examples That rules would give Chinese the upper hand. US-China trade w…

corner the market : 市場を独占する

corner the market 市場を独占する To sell or produce something so successfully as to overshadow all others in the same field. Examples Amazon is so strong right now that they've really cornered the market on online shopping. Uber didn’t jus…

out of spite : 腹いせに、意地悪で、悪意で

out of spite 腹いせに、意地悪で、悪意で with the desire to harm someone or something Examples We are sure that you did it out of spite. She broke her elder brother's watch out of spite.