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洋書 - Psychology For Dummies

Psychology For Dummies

Psychology For Dummies

Table of contents

Part I: Getting Started with Psychology

  • Chapter 1: Seeing the Purpose of Psychology
  • Chapter 2: Making Sense of What People Do: Psychology Essentials

Part II: Picking Your Brain (And Body)

  • Chapter 3: Hardware, Software, and Wetware
  • Chapter 4: Conscious Beings
  • Chapter 5: Getting Sensitive

Part III: Thinking and Feeling and Acting

  • Chapter 6: Thinking and Speaking
  • Chapter 7: How Does That Make You Feel?
  • Chapter 8: Barking up the Learning Tree: Dogs, Cats, and Rats

Part IV: Me, You, and Everything in Between

  • Chapter 9: Developing an Award-Winning Personality
  • Chapter 10: Catching the First Boat off Isolation Island
  • Chapter 11: Conforming Like a Contortionist: Social Psychology
  • Chapter 12: Growing Up with Psychology
  • Chapter 13: Modern Abnormal Psychology

Part V: Building a Better You

  • Chapter 14: Assessing the Problem and Testing the Psyche
  • Chapter 15: Getting Comfy on the Couch
  • Chapter 16: Changing Behavior, Changing Thinking
  • Chapter 17: Being a Person Is Tough: Client- Centered and Existential Therapies
  • Chapter 18: Stress, Illness, Growth, and Strength

Part VI: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Maintaining Psychological Health
  • Chapter 20: Ten Great Psychological Movies