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海外ドラマ - 【アグリ・ベティ Ugly Betty】英語 - Season 1


1-1. Pilot
  • hard copy : ハードコピー、プリントアウトした紙

    Um, I have a hard copy of my resume if you need it.

  • Um, sorry to interrupt, but can I get you lunch?

  • Look, I gotta go, okay? I'll get home as soon as I can.

  • up-and-comer : 注目の[有望な・期待される]新人

    You know, stuff so beyond my world, like- like who the up-and-comers are on the London art scene,...

  • editor in chief : 編集長

    Celebrity-studded funeral services were held today for Fey Sommers, the much loved and hated editor in chief of fashion bible "Mode" magazine.

  • measure up : 匹敵する、to be the equal (as in ability)

    Look I lost a brother a while back. He was the good one in our family, and I've never quite measured up. But I am trying.

  • photo shoot : 写真撮影会

    There was obviously no time for a new photo shoot, so, uh, what we're gonna be showing you is just a rough idea.

  • Yes, I realize that, and I am sorry, - but I was working-
    It's fine, Betty. I just hope it's all worth it.

  • Um in order to show the softer side of Fabia Cosmetics, we're going to use the concept of mothers and daughters, focusing on the small, special moments that- that are usually taken for granted, the theme being, "it's not the big events but the little moments" that matter.

1-2. The Box and the Bunny
  • kudos : congratulations

    Well, kudos, and I certainly applaud your efforts at personalizing your desk.

  • sweatshop : 労働搾取工場[会社]、A factory or workshop, especially in the clothing industry, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.

    Unfortunately there's a whole sweatshop thing with them- cambodian kids, forced labor,

  • scion : 御曹司

    That's the question on everyone's lips after the recent regime change when Daniel Meade, slutty scion of parent company, Meade Publications, was named new editor in chief.