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映画 - 【メリーに首ったけ - There's Something About Mary (1998)】英語

There's Something About Mary - 邦題は「メリーに首ったけ


  • Directors: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
  • Writers: Ed Decter (story), John J. Strauss (story)
  • Stars: Ben Stiller(Ted), Cameron Diaz(Mary), Matt Dillon(Healy)

YouTube - There's Something About Mary Trailer

There's Something About Mary (1998) Official Trailer



  • apprehend : 逮捕する

    At exactly 10:48 this morning a man was apprehended not far from where you were arrested.

  • bald-faced(barefaced) lies : しらじらしい嘘

    Hey, hey, hey, I'm not the one who started telling bald-faced lies about the competition--that's crossing the line!

  • buff : fan, enthusiast

    You're a movie buff?

  • disheveled : 乱れた、だらしない

    A disheveled and wired-looking(見た目が変わった) Sully is sitting on the couch in his underwear

  • drag on her smoke : To inhale smoke from something, especially a cigarette.

    She barely looks at him as he approaches, just drags on her smoke.

  • lanky : ひょろ長い、ungracefully tall and thin

    It's the early 1980's and everyone is arriving at school. We push through the parking lot crowd to a nervous, lanky kid, TED PELOQUIN.

  • jog : 〈記憶を〉促す、呼び起こす。to rouse to alertness

    Maybe this'll jog your memory. (Healy SLAPS him across the face.)