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英語学習本 - Perfect Phrases for Office Professionals

Table of contents

1. Perfect Phrases to Establish Yourself in Your New Role
  • Introduce Yourself to a New Manager
  • Forge a Manager/Admin Partnership
  • Relate Your Best Work and Communication Style
  • Discover Your Manager's Preferred Work and Communication Style
  • Establish Your New Role with All Levels of Employees
  • Collaborate with Other Office Professionals
  • Questions About and Comparisons with Your Predecessor
  • Initiate Meaningful Small Talk
2. Perfect Phrases to Manage Inevitable Learning Curves
  • Ask for Help Getting Oriented
  • Handle Questions You Can’t Answer
  • Let People Know You’re New
  • Request More Detailed Explanations
  • Clarify Office Jargon
  • Get Support from People Who Know Your Job
  • Admit Mistakes and Look Good in the Process
  • Admit You Are in Over Your Head
  • Apologize Without Groveling
3. Perfect Phrases to Establish Communication Agreements
  • Establish Communication Agreements with Your Manager
  • Establish Communication Agreements Within Work Groups
  • Arrange for Regular Meetings with Your Manager(s)
  • Assure That You Are Consulted on Decisions That Affect You
  • Discuss Solutions to Communication Breakdowns or Confusion
  • Explain Special Communication Needs
  • Adapt Communication Modalities to Preferred Styles
  • Select the Best Communication Technologies
  • Get the Focused Time You Need
4. Perfect Phrases to Manage Managers
  • Correct a Manager's Mistakes
  • Get a Manager to Admit Mistakes
  • Break Bad News to a Manager
  • Organize Your Manager
  • Get Your Manager to Learn and Use the Latest Technologies
  • Challenge Questionable Decisions
  • Get Your Manager to Make You Look Good
  • Summarize Information
  • Get Your Manager to Prioritize Your Work
  • Suggest That Your Manager Ask for Help
  • Get Managers to Manage Rather than Abdicate
  • Give Advice to Managers
5. Perfect Phrases to Manage Multiple Managers
  • Clarify Your Role in Multiple-Manager Relationships
  • Get Multiple Managers to Collaborate When Delegating
  • Get Multiple Managers to Agree on Your Priorities
  • Address Late, Inaccurate, and Incomplete Projects
  • Get Yourself out of the Middle of Multiple-Managers’ Conflicts
  • Address Managers Who Bypass the System
  • Clarify Communication Pathways Among Multiple Managers
  • Handle Confidentiality with Multiple Managers
6. Perfect Phrases to Deal with Sticky and Unethical Situations
  • Address Disrespectful Manager Behavior
  • Address Inappropriate Manager Behavior
  • Respond to Unethical Requests
  • Respond to Unethical Behavior
  • Deal with Your Manager’s Family and Personal Requests
  • Deal with Inappropriate Personal Requests from Your Exec
  • Address Requests Outside the Scope of Your Job Description
  • Balance Loyalties to Company, Manager, and Others (Including Clients and Board)
  • Sidestep Being in the Middle of Rumors, Gossip, and Conflict
  • Deal Compassionately with Employee Personal Tragedies
  • Manage, Defuse, and Resolve Conflict
7. Perfect Phrases to Optimize Work-Flow Procedures
  • Get Support for Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Identify Obstructive, Counterproductive Procedures
  • Suggest Changes for Existing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Get Buy-In for New Procedures and Procedure Changes
  • Simplify Systems and Procedures for Clarity
  • Communicate Protocol for Work Requests and Assignments
  • Establish Administrative Deadlines
  • Address Procedure Violations
  • Establish Priorities for Reporting to Multiple Managers
8. Perfect Phrases to Make Requests and Negotiate
  • Negotiate with Vendors
  • Negotiate Assignments
  • Ask for General Help and Assistance
  • Ask for Tech Help
  • Ask for Additional Office Help
  • Request Technology Upgrades
  • Ask for Office Equipment
  • Request Reasonable Accommodation
  • Ask for a Raise
  • Ask to Be Sent to Conferences and Receive Training
9. Perfect Phrases to Clarify Job Expectations
  • Differentiate Between Job Standards and Goals
  • Clarify Job Description Content
  • Prioritize Job Activities
  • Align Your Job Priorities with Evaluation Procedures
  • Address Job Obstacles
  • Finesse Your Job Description
  • Enhance Your Job Responsibilities
10. Perfect Phrases to Clarify and Manage Assignments
  • Ask Questions to Clarify Work Assignments
  • Say Work Isn’t Ready for Admin Input
  • Make Your Work Visible
  • Decline, Adapt, or Defer Assignments
  • Get Results Without Authority
  • Delegate Up
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork and Bureaucratic Hurdles
  • Get a Manager to See You’re Stretched Too Far
  • Communicate the Scope and Challenges of an Assignment
11. Perfect Phrases to Be the Office Innovator
  • Offer Training and Coaching
  • Train and Coach Gracefully
  • Suggest New Opportunities
  • Express Opinions
  • Recommend Initiatives
12. Perfect Phrases to Bring Out the Best in Everyone
  • Promote Interdepartmental Communication
  • Get Office Members to Work Collaboratively
  • Encourage and Empower Office Members to Be Self-Sufficient
  • Address Company Layoffs and Terminations
  • Manage Emotions
13. Perfect Phrases to Speak for Your Manager
  • Get Your Manager to Authorize You to Speak on His or Her Behalf
  • Get Your Manager to Stop Undermining Your Authority
  • Get Your Manager to Credential You to the Rest of the Office
  • Get Others to Come Directly to You
  • Gracefully Inform Someone of Your Manager’s Mistakes
  • Make Your Manager Look Good
  • Address Complaints and Criticisms About Your Manager
14. Perfect Phrases for Professionalism and Empowerment
  • Determine and Expand Your Empowerment Level
  • Establish Peer Regard with Your Manager’s Colleagues
  • Get Others to Respect Your Profession
  • Get Others to Respect Your Professionalism
  • Get Others to Refer to Your Position Appropriately
  • Request Advanced Training or Education
  • Ask for Support in Obtaining Professional Certification
15. Perfect Phrases for Career Management
  • Identify Your Career Path
  • Request Strategic and Interesting Assignments
  • Tie Your Job Functions into Your Career Path
  • Tie Your Career Goals into Your Manager’s Best Interests
  • Position Yourself for Promotions
  • Request a Raise or More Responsibilities
  • Get a Manager to Give You Due Credit
  • Network for Career Advancement
  • Explain When Your Loyalties Have Changed Due to Promotion
  • Find a Good Mentor and Develop a Mutually Rewarding Relationship
  • Gracefully Leave a Job, a Manager, or a Work Team
  • Deal with a Demotion or Loss of Status
  • Address Getting Passed Over for a Promotion
  • Get Support for Involvement in a Professional Association