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洋書 - business etiquette for dummies

Business Etiquette For Dummies

Business Etiquette For Dummies


読みやすく、面白い。読んでるうちに英語の勉強にもなる(…と信じましょう~ ^^;)。
特に「Part V: Doing Business on a Global Scale」は各地域ごとのビジネス上の注意点等が書いてあって、お勧め!


Part I: Conducting Yourself Gracefully in the Business World

Chapter 1: Displaying Good Manners at Work
Chapter 2: Making a Positive Impression on the Job
Chapter 3: Working in a Diverse Environment
Chapter 4: Look Sharp! Creating Professional Style and Presence

Part II: Building Better Communication Skills

Chapter 5: The Art of Meeting and Greeting
Chapter 6: Making Polite Conversation
Chapter 7: Improving Your Telephone Manners
Chapter 8: Sharpening Your Written Communication Skills
Chapter 9: Keeping Up with Electronic Etiquette

Part III: Behaving in the Boardroom and Beyond

Chapter 10: Minding Your Meeting Manners
Chapter 11: Engaging in Business Meals and Parties
Chapter 12: Mastering Dining Etiquette
Chapter 13: Attending Conferences, Trade Shows, and Special Events
Chapter 14: Taking Part in a Variety of Social Off-Site Activities
Chapter 15: Marking Life’s Major Events and Passages

Part IV: Overcoming Work-Related Challenges

Chapter 16: Coming to Terms with Difficult People
Chapter 17: Managing Office Conflict
Chapter 18: Managing Ethical Dilemmas at Work
Chapter 19: Handling Sexuality in the Workplace

Part V: Doing Business on a Global Scale

Chapter 20: Pack Your Manners! Traveling for Business
Chapter 21: Now You’ve Arrived: Adapting to a New World
Chapter 22: Crossing Cultural Lines: Your Passport for Success

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 23: Nearly Ten College-to-Career Etiquette Tips
Chapter 24: Ten Tips for Impressive Job Interviews