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海外ドラマ - 【モダン・ファミリー Modern Family】英語 - Season 4

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Modern Family - Season 4 Trailer

Episode 4-2. Schooled

  • fishinet stocking : 〔女性用の〕網ストッキング

    Claire : Um, I-I bought those for her.
    Phil : What? Why don't you just buy her some fishnet stockings and a nurse's outfit?
    Not that that's my thing. That just popped into my head.

  • hit the road : 出発する、To depart

    Claire : I don't want her to get caught unprepared.
    Phil : buying her a 4-year supply? Please.
    Claire : Phil, that would've lasted me and my college boyfriend, like, a long--
    Phil : La, la, la, la, la, la, la!
    Claire : Okay, we gotta hit the road.

  • What the fudge : What the f***の婉曲な表現

    Teacher : What the fudge were you thinking? Now the boy's parents are coming in, and trust me, they're mad as Hello Kitty. Mitchell : Oh, you told his parents on us? That is-- that is so not cool.

  • P.E. teacher : 体育教師、Physical Education teacher、gym teacher

    So Tell us about yourselves.
    I'm an environmental lawyer.
    Uh, and I'm a homemaker.
    And-- and, uh, and what do you do? I'm a financial consultant.
    I'm a contractor.
    You thought I was a P.E.teacher?
    Well, I figured.

  • hung up on : ~にこだわる、~にいら立つ

    Cameron : If you ask me, sometimes we get so hung up on our differences, we forget the one thing we have in common.
    When it comes to the safety and well-being of our children, we're all a little bit nuts.