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unprecedented : 前例のない

unprecedented 前例のない、空前の、前代未聞の 一般例文 unprecedented achievement 英字新聞からの例文 引用元 : New York Times (By Brian X. Chen) - The Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017 (2017/12) But this year’s hacking of Equifax, o…


OLED 有機EL。Organic Light Emitting Diode。A light-emitting diode that uses an organic compound to emit light. 一般例文 OLED display 英字新聞からの例文 引用元 : Financial Times (by Peter Wells) - Japan Display shares jump on reports of Chi…

embroil : 巻き込む

embroil 巻き込む、To involve in argument, contention, or hostile actions 一般例文 They were embroiled in the dispute(紛争). 英字新聞からの例文 引用元 : Financial Times (by Peter Wells and Leo Lewis) - Japan bullet train safety scare embr…

FWIW : for what it's worth

FWIW for what it's worth。役に立てるか分からないが