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英語学習本 - English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies


Table of Contents

Part I: Building a Firm Foundation: Grammar Basics

Chapter 1: Finding the Right Verb at the Right Time
Chapter 2: Got a Match? Pairing Subjects and Verbs Correctly
Chapter 3: Who Is She, and What Is It? Pronoun Basics
Chapter 4: Having It All: Writing Complete Sentences

Part II: Mastering Mechanics

Chapter 5: Pausing to Consider the Comma
Chapter 6: A Hook That Can Catch You: Apostrophes
Chapter 7: "Let Me Speak!" Quotation Marks
Chapter 8: Hitting the Big Time: Capital Letters

Part III: Applying Proper Grammar in Tricky Situations

Chapter 9: Choosing the Best Pronoun: Case, Number, and Clarity
Chapter 10: Tensing Up: Choosing the Right Verb for Tricky Sentences
Chapter 11: Are You and Your Verbs in the Right Mood?
Chapter 12: Writing for Electronic Media

Part IV: Upping the Interest: Describing and Comparing

Chapter 13: Writing Good or Well: Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 14: Going on Location: Placing Descriptions Correctly
Chapter 15: For Better or Worse: Forming Comparisons

Part V: Improving Your Writing Style

Chapter 16: Staying on Track: Parallel Writing
Chapter 17: The Writing Diet: Adding Spice and Cutting Fat from Your Sentences
Chapter 18: Steering Clear of Tricky Word Traps

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 19: Ten Overcorrections
Chapter 20: Ten Errors to Avoid at All Costs

Appendix: Grabbing Grammar Goofs