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洋書 - Sales Management for Dummies

Sales Management For Dummies

Sales Management For Dummies

Table of Contents

Part I: Welcome to the World of Sales Management

Chapter 1: You’re a Sales Manager — Now What?
Chapter 2: So You Got the Job, Now What Do You Do?
Chapter 3: Establishing Good Working Relationships across Departments

Part II: Building the Team

Chapter 4: Who’s On First: Building Your Best Team
Chapter 5: Adding New Players to the Team
Chapter 6: Hiring and Onboarding New Staff
Chapter 7: Defining Your Sales Process and Training Your Team

Part III: Training and Development

Chapter 8: Defining Your Expectations
Chapter 9: Ongoing Training and Helping Your Salespeople Grow
Chapter 10: Creating and Running an Effective Sales Meeting

Part IV: Sales Meetings and Key Performance Indicators

Chapter 11: Measuring What Matters: Key Performance Indicators
Chapter 12: Assessing Performance: Keeping Score and Celebrating Wins
Chapter 13: Addressing Poor Performance: Counseling and Critiquing Effectively

Part V: Now You’re Managing

Chapter 14: Inspiring Your Superstars: Managing Your Best People
Chapter 15: Making Cuts: When It’s Time to Let Someone Go
Chapter 16: Managing for the Future: Developing Careers of Future Leaders

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten Traits of a Successful Sales Manager
Chapter 18: Ten Things that Destroy Your Credibility
Chapter 19: Ten Signs of a Struggling Salesperson
Chapter 20: Top Ten Apps for a Busy Manager