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映画 - 【ペントハウス Tower Heist (2011)】英語

ペントハウス (字幕版)

ペントハウス (字幕版)


  • Director: Brett Ratner
  • Writers: Adam Cooper (story), Bill Collage (story)
  • Stars: Ben Stiller(Josh Kovaks), Eddie Murphy(Slide), Casey Affleck(Charlie), Alan Alda(Arthur Shaw), Matthew Broderick(Mr. Fitzhugh), Stephen Henderson(Lester), Judd Hirsch(Mr. Simon), Téa Leoni(Special Agent Claire Denham)


Tower Heist (2011) Official HD Trailer


bar exam


JOSH : We do this thing, you and I, where you pretend not to study for the bar exam and I pretend not to notice.
IOVENKO : I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about, sir.



JOSH : He's our probationary elevator operator. He's still very early in the interview process.


厳しくチェックする, To subject to thorough examination or evaluation

CLAIRE: The rules of Mr. Shaw's house arrest are simple.
Kovaks, no visitors without prior permission from the FBI.
All incoming and outgoing mail gets vetted by my office.
All food deliveries, packages, cleaning, repairs, all that has to be cleared by the agent on duty.

life savings


LESTER : A couple of months ago, I gave him everything I had, my life savings.
Six years working the back door at the Waldorf, nine at the Carlyle, three at the Pierre, That's 29 years of opening doors.
$73,000 and change, and I gave him every penny.

feng shui


JOSH : He even brought in some guy from China to do a whole feng shui thing.
But he left one wall standing, dead center in the middle of the apartment.

get away with it


CLAIRE : The judge is gonna dismiss the case next week at his hearing. They're acting like he's untouchable.
JOSH : That's it? He just gets away with it?

mess with


ODESSA: You don't have a choice. I brought my own gun.
Now put your shit down, nice and slow.
You mess with me, you're a dead man.
Now drop it!



  • synonyms : charlatan, cheater, con artist, counterfeiter, crook, forger, rascal, thief

FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: New evidence in the Arthur Shaw trial has prompted a new plea from the accused swindler.
Sources are now confirming that Mr. Shaw will enter a guilty plea next week.