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Phrasal Verbs / Collocation - B

back out (of)

To say you will now not do something you promised. To cancel support for an agreement or contract. 手を引く、取り消す

Ex) I was sad to hear that my Dad backed out of going to the doctor as he promised.
Ex) We must back out of this contract since we cannot deliver the product on time.

be with someone on something

To agree with someone about something

Ex) I'm with you on the idea but I don't agree it needs to happen right away.

bear in mind

Remembering something as useful information for a later time, 覚えておく;心に留めておく

Ex) Thanks for the warning about estate agents, I'll bear it in mind when I'm buying a house.

bear with me

To ask someone to be patient or to wait until you finish something that is almost complete.

Ex) I need five more minutes to finish the report, so bear with me and I'll send you soon.

behind (someone's) back

To do something concerning a person without their knowledge of it, ひそかに;こっそり

Ex) What really annoyed me was that they did it all behind my back.

break it to you

To tell/give you the news.

Ex) I hate to break it to you, but flying is impossible.

bring up to speed

To update on the latest details, progress, update, catch up, 必要な情報を与える;情況を理解させる

Ex) She brought me up to speed as soon as I arrived.