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Phrasal Verbs / Collocation - T

take down

To make a written note.

Ex) Take them down before you forget.

take issue with (something)

To state an opposing opinion or point of view. 異議を唱える;反対する

Ex) They're taking issue with the proposed changes.

take off

To increase or to experience a positive result.

Ex) Sales for the new product will take off as soon as customers learn of it benefits.

take on (someone)

To hire or engage staff.

Ex) We will need to take on extra staff for this event.

take on (something)

To accept a new assignment or new responsibilities.

Ex) I have asked James to take on the job of supervising the roll out of the new product.

take on (someone/something)

勝負する、戦う。To fight or compete against someone or something

Ex) You have to be brave to take on a big corporation in court.

talk over

To disccuss the details of something.

Ex) I want you to talk over the details of the contract with the lawyers.

think it over

To consider something.

Ex) Please think it over before you decide which vendor to hire.

think over

To consider or reflect on

Ex) I want you to think over the new product marketing plan.