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Phrasal Verbs / Collocation - S

scale down

To reduce in size or scope.

Ex) With limited funding available for buying the raw materials, we had to scale down the production to only 30,000 units a month.

scrape together

To gather or raise funding, usually with difficulty.

Ex) James scraped together the initial funding for his company by depleting his life savings.

see about (something)

To arrange or consider something.

Ex) Joan is going to see about using the conference room for your birthday party celebration.

see through

To finish something even though there are difficulties.

Ex) Are you going to be able see through the writing of the sales document before the company board meeting?

set up

To make an appointment.

Ex) Let’s set up an appointment to meet so we can discuss the sales strategy.

set up

To start a business.

Ex) Jane set up his own company when he was still in college.

settle on

To make a decision after some period of time.

Ex) We need to settle on the price for the new product so we can inform the sales team.