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映画 - 【Re:LIFE〜リライフ〜 The Rewrite (2014)】英語

Re:LIFE~リライフ~ [DVD]

Re:LIFE~リライフ~ [DVD]


  • Director: Marc Lawrence
  • Writers: Marc Lawrence
  • Stars: Hugh Grant(Keith Michaels), Marisa Tomei(Holly Carpenter), J.K. Simmons(Dr. Hal Lerner), Chris Elliott(Jim Harper), Whit Baldwin(Doug), Vanessa Wasche(Rona), Bella Heathcote(Karen Gabney)


The Rewrite - Official UK Trailer



演出する、監督する、〔イベントを〕主催する、計画的に実施する、to produce (something, such as a play) on a stage, to produce or cause to happen for public view or public effect

Keith : Let's say Jack Nicholson decided that he wanted to know what people truly thought of him.
Whether his life had actually amounted to anything.
So he fakes his death and stages his own funeral.

I don't get it / this

I don't understand.

I don't get this.
Just like I didn't get it when you pitched it to me six months ago.

female empowerment


Austen, Woolf, and the Bronte sisters were artists who represented the female empowerment of their age.

面白いフレーズ - I have a wife and four daughters. I have no opinions.

Keith : Dr Lerner, you must have an opinion on this?
Dr. Lerner : I have a wife and four daughters.
I have no opinions.


寛容な、自由放任の、granting or tending to grant, deficient in firmness or control

Holly : Sorry, my youngest was throwing up all night.
Keith : Oh, had she been drinking?
Holly : She's nine. But maybe, I'm a really permissive mother.


drunk, intoxicated, 酔った

You arrived on campus, became inebriated, insulted members of the faculty.