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海外ドラマ - 【Silicon Valley】英語 - Episode 1-3

Episode 1-3. Articles of Incorporation

Silicon Valley (2014) Episode Scripts



  • market cap : Market Capitalization. 時価総額

    And while I know their market cap is seven billion dollars-plus, I realize I am unfamiliar with their offerings.

  • irate : ひどく怒った

    I have Dinesh Chugtai here, and he's pretty irate because Oh, I see.

  • assailant : 攻撃者、A person who physically attacks another.

    What are we gonna do? If you keep screaming your name, it forces the assailant to acknowledge you as a human.

  • shake on it : 握手する、〔取引・交渉などで〕手を打つ

    Five thousand bucks and the name is yours.
    Well, the thing is we agreed on a thousand.
    Fine, four grand.
    Look, that's not the deal.
    We shook on it.
    Two thousand.
    Final offer.
    We could do two.

  • deposit slip : 預金伝票

    Gentlemen, we just got back from the bank. Our first deposit slip.