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海外ドラマ - 【ビッグバン★セオリー Big Bang Theory】英語 - Season 1

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The Big Bang Theory: Season 1

Episode 1-1. Pilot

  • Hang on : ちょっとまって。to keep hold

    Receptionist: Hang on.
    Leonard: One across is Aegean, eight down is Nabakov, twenty-six across is MCM,...

  • renege : 〔約束・契約などを〕破る〔on〕

    Leonard: I don't know, I've never reneged on a proffer(提供) of sperm before.

  • clavicle : 鎖骨

    Sheldon: No, it's true, I did a series of experiments when I was twelve, my father broke his clavicle.

  • transvestite : 異性服装倒錯者。a person who wears clothes designed for the opposite sex

    Sheldon: Two hundred pound transvestite with a skin condition, yes she is.

  • doodle : (考えごとをしながら)いたずら書きをする

    Sheldon: Yeah, well, it's just some quantum mechanics, with a little string theory doodling around the edges.

  • perspiration : 発汗(作用)、汗

    Sheldon: In the winter that seat is close enough to the radiator to remain warm, and yet not so close as to cause perspiration.

  • parallax : 視差

    It faces the television at an angle that is neither direct, thus discouraging conversation, nor so far wide to create a parallax distortion,...

  • on top of everything else : そして何よりも

    Penny: Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm such a mess, and on top of everything else I'm all gross from moving and my stupid shower doesn't even work.

  • carnal : sexual

    Leonard: That's not to say that if a carnal relationship were to develop that I wouldn't participate.

  • coitus : sexual intercourse

    Howard: And you want us out because you're anticipating coitus?

  • proximal / distal : (中央に)近いほうの / 末端の

    Sheldon: Ah, yes, well that may be the proximal cause of our journey, but we both know it only exists in contradistinction(対比) to the higher level distal cause.

  • get lost : うせろ、消えろ、どこかへ行け、Go away

    Leonard: What did I just…. Uh, we’re here to pick up Penny’s TV.
    Voice: Get lost.

  • ergo : (それ)ゆえに。therefore

    Sheldon: Leonard, the TV is in the building, we've been denied access to the building, ergo we are done.

  • Mack Daddy : 〈俗〉色男、口説き上手、もてる男

    Sheldon: I don't know what your odds are in the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car goes, you're a veritable(真の) Mack Daddy.

Episode 1-2. The Big Bran Hypothesis

  • pathology : 病理学

    Sheldon: Don't take it personally, it's his pathology, he can't talk to women.

  • register : 音域

    Sheldon: Evolution has made women sensitive to high pitched noises while they sleep, so that they'll be roused(目覚める) by a crying baby. If you want to avoid waking her, speak in a lower register.

  • granted : 確かに

    Sheldon: I have to say, I slept splendidly. Granted, not long, but just deeply and well.

  • per se : 本質的には、正確に言うと

    Sheldon: Really more to organise, you're not actually dirty, per se.
    Penny: Give me back my key.

  • proctologist : 肛門科医

    Sheldon: Depending on the depth, that's either a proctologist or a general surgeon. (Leonard holds up a sign reading "Sarcasm") Oh!

  • freaked out : びびる、ぞっとする、怖がる、パニクる

    Penny: It's obvious that they meant well, but I'm just, I'm having a really rough time, like I said, I broke up with my boyfriend, and it's just freaking me out.

Episode 1-3. The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

  • infatuation : 夢中にさせること、An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something

    Sheldon: Please don't tell me that your hopeless infatuation is devolving into(~へ移る)pointless jealousy.

  • sprint : 短距離競走、A short, fast race in which the competitors run a distance of 400 meters or less.

    Howard: I disagree, love is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

  • dietician : 栄養士

    Sheldon: The dietician at the cafeteria with the limp and the lazy eye?

  • pitfall : 落とし穴

    Howard: There are pitfalls, trust me, I know. When it comes to sexual harassment law I'm… a bit of a self-taught expert.

  • perspiring : sweating

    Leonard: How do I look?
    Sheldon: Could you be more specific?
    Leonard: Can you tell I'm perspiring a little?

  • centripetal / centrifugal : 求心力の / 遠心力の

    Leonard: Actually, it's centripetal force, which is an inward force generated by the glass acting on the olive.

Episode 1-6. The Middle Earth Paradigm

  • for good reason : 正当な理由で

    Sheldon: No, I want to talk about the fact that Wolowitz shot me in the back.
    Howard: I shot you for good reason, you were leading us into disaster.

  • frag :〔多人数参加型ゲームなどで〕他のプレーヤーを殺す

    Penny: So, how was paintball, did you have fun?
    Sheldon: Sure, if you consider being fragged by your own troops fun. (To Howard) You clear space on your calendar, there will be an enquiry(取り調べ).

  • heads-up : 注意喚起、An advance warning of something.

    Howard: Just a heads up fellas, if anyone gets lucky I've got a dozen condoms in my quiver.

  • confrontation : 対決

    Leonard: There's not going to be a confrontation, in fact I doubt if he can even spell confrontation.

Episode 1-7. The Dumpling Paradox

  • invite onself : 〔招待されていないのに〕勝手に押し掛ける

    Penny: Well, there's this girl I know from back in Nebraska, Christie, well anyway she called me up and she's like "Hey, how's California," and I'm like "Awesome" 'cos, you know, it's not Nebraska, and the next thing I know she's invited herself out here to stay with me.

  • hamstring : 〈…を〉無力にする、挫折(ざせつ)させる、to make ineffective or powerless

    Sheldon: Yes, but whoever's her partner will be hamstrung by her lack of experience and not to mention that fact that sh….

  • sore loser : 負けずぎらい、a person who becomes very upset or angry when he or she loses a game, contest, etc.

    Sheldon: You laugh now, you just wait until you need tech support.
    Penny: Gosh, he's kind of a sore loser, isn't he?

  • entourage : 側近、one's attendants or associates

    Sheldon: I'm Sheldon. Christie: Right, you're Howard's entourage.

  • pull off : 〈衣類などを〉(急いで)脱ぐ

    Leonard: Howard, can't you see she's using you?
    Howard: Who cares, last night she pulled off her blouse and I wept!

Episode 1-8. The Grasshopper Experimen

  • pushy : 押しの強い、厚かましい、aggressive often to an objectionable degree

    Raj: Can you believe how pushy she is?

  • guinea pig : モルモット

    Penny: I need some guinea pigs.
    Sheldon: Okay, there's a lab animal supply company in Reseda you could try, but if your research is going to have human applications may I suggest white mice instead, their brain chemistry is far closer to ours.

  • get [have] the hang of… : コツを掴む、理解する.

    Penny: I swear to God, Sheldon, one day I'm going to get the hang of talking to you.